We are FASTER COMMUNITY develop FASTER C-Level Business Leaders/Professionals networks. FASTER Stands For : Fintech, AI, Startup/Software/Security, Telco, Ecommerce, Retailtech. Current FASTER areas of Digitalization/Digital Economy.

Please see some of our Whatsapp/Linkedin/Email group members : FASTERCommunity.com/Members

Please see below FASTER areas shown as below figure. We have also "TechFinTalk.com" , FASTER Academy channels and organizing Tech Events&Lecturing online from selected lecturers/specialists.

So far we made Startup, Fintech and AI Events. We also planning to make online prize event as TelecomPrize.com , FintechPrize.com , ECommercePrize.com, RetailPrize.com and StartupPrizes.com .... (Prize websites will be online soon)

If you like to take more info about our Whatsapp, Linkedin or email groups , you can reply my message. Send message to : mustafa@FasterCommunity.com

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